Touching memories.

Set a cinematic memorial: The Movie Of Life authentically tells the story of a loved one, creating a space for remembrance, gratitude and healing.
For you. For your loved ones. For eternity.

Inspired by
life itself.

Do you know what makes a person immortal? 

It is the memories of the people who shared a piece of history with the person. Memories of shared experiences, moments and experiences. Of shared laughter, crying and being together.

Memories are a powerful tool. They help keeping relationships alive. They are a gateway to people, relationships and things we no longer have in our lives. And they are never completely lost, but waiting to be reactivated.

Still, sometimes we find it hard to hold on to them or find a way to deal with them. The Movie Of Life is the medium to keep them. The Movie Of Life creates a cinematic memorial to a loved one and tells his or her authentic life story - using photos, videos, sound recordings and written documents.

What remains, when everything else leaves?

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often fail to give the past the space it deserves. Or we fail to find a common way of dealing with our loved ones.

The Movie Of Life brings the past into the present and creates a space where remembering, reflecting and healing together becomes possible. Instead of dealing with loss all alone in silence, The Movie Of Life creates a unique place where you, your loved ones and your descendants can return to honor a piece of family history.

A cinematic monument of endless love.

Do you know the feeling of deep gratitude? This feeling is conveyed by our Movies Of Life. In them, a loved one comes to speak once again - in words, in actions and in images that make you feel the love for the person again and again. The Movie Of Life brings the past into the present and lets you ask: How did a loved one shape me? What unforgettable moments have I shared with this person? Which of my good qualities and character traits do I have to thank him for?

The Movie Of Life is a way to pause, reflect and find a way to deal with loss. As a provider of these special mementos, film is first and foremost a medium for us. The essence is the small stories and big emotions it preserves. We tell an authentic and vivid story in which you can recognize the loved one and yourself and connect deeply.

Remembering, reflecting and healing together:
The concept of The Movie Of Life.

An anthem to life.
Through the power of images, your Movie Of Life tells a story tells a story filled with happiness, love and gratitude, creating an experience that is healing for you and your loved ones.
New perspectives.
  The Movie Of Life lets a loved one once again become the narrator of his story. Take the opportunity to say farewell and perceive the happiness that the person brought to those around him.
For eternity.
Memories are often too fleeting - The Movie Of Life remains. It unites you, your friends and family via a shared keepsake that preserves life's unique ups and downs for all eternity.

In just 5 simple steps to a personally crafted Movie Of Life.

Step 1

Our first conversation.
In our first conversation we talk about your concerns and explore together how we can enrich your life with a Movie Of Life.

    • The Movie Of Life is an emotional processing with the life of a loved one.
    • Have a look at our testimonial movies to get a feeling for the style of the Movie Of Life.

Step 2

Collection of all memory items.
The next step is to collect photos, video recordings, sound recordings that depict the life of the beloved person in all its beauty and diversity. Take enough time for this - this research is already the first act of emotional reappraisal. You can scan analog photos. You can professionally digitize VHS tapes yourself with a simple step-by-step tutorial - the instructions will be sent to you. Please provide us with at least 10 different video recordings as well as some key data about the person so that we can get the best out of your Movie Of Life.

  • Old and new photographs
  • Video material of all kinds
  • Speech recordings of all kinds
  • Quotes and words of wisdom of the person
  • Extracts from favorite books
  • Maximum number of videos: 30
  • Maximum number of photos: 60
  • Maximum number of other materials: 10

Step 3

Organizing the material.
The Movie Of Life focuses on the life of a single person. The script is written by life itself. Therefore, it is usually best to tell a chronological story from birth.

In case of video material, be sure to send the time stamps of your favorite parts, so you can help determine essential elements of the dramaturgy yourself and we can create an even more beautiful result together.

  • Create digital folders
  • Be sure to include the year
  • Sort chronologically if possible
  • e.g. birth, childhood, youth, wedding, vacations, special events, etc.

Step 4

Upload for production.
Now you upload all available media for the film production. We rely on our partner DRACOON, which is DSGVO compliant and end-to-end encrypted. All your data is treated confidentially and is securely protected at all times.

  • ISO 27001 standard for maximum security
  • Fast transfer without loss of quality

Step 5 

Optional video shooting.
We additionally film professional footage in the person's familiar surroundings in order to delve even deeper into the person's life situation and thus create even more emotional closeness. This special additional service is available upon request.

  • Shots of personal belongings 
  • Representing familiar surroundings of the person
  • Flight shots over the place of residence

Life itself writes the scripts - we do the production.

After collecting the material, we start the production and send you the first version of your Movie Of Life after a personal agreement. Now it's your turn: Tell us if we should change anything. Afterwards, we revise the life film before you receive it for final approval.


The Movie Of Life is an intimate piece of life history for you and a select circle of your loved ones. To protect your privacy, we work with the proven platform DRACOON, which complies with all applicable data protection laws and implements the highest standards in every respect to protect your data. After the completion of the Movie Of Life, we will send you the final version via the platform. You can easily download the finished film and share it privately with your loved ones. Of course, you can also publish the film on a public platform after approval. All corresponding rights are yours

Secure data platform.

We guarantee maximum security in data exchange with the DSGV-compliant sharing platform DRACOON. The tool works with secure encryption that can be verified at any time by using open source cryptography. After completion of the LEBENSFILM, all data provided is immediately deleted. What remains is the final version of the life film. The platform has won several awards and is subject to the strict ISO 27001 standard for maximum security.