The most important questions at a glance:

► Who is the offer specifically aimed at?

People who have recently or long ago experienced a death in their environment and would like to create a cinematic tribute to this person.

► How long does a LIFE FILM take on average?

The film takes between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on the amount and type of film and photo material available. The Movie Of Life is not a detailed documentation or biography of a person. The goal of the Movie Of Life is to evoke maximum emotional impact in a short period of time and to achieve the emotional states associated with it, such as happiness, comfort and gratitude. We achieve this through a combination of authentic visuals, subtle storytelling, lots of emotion and a well-thought-out technical-creative realization.

► How is a Movie Of Life made and how can I imagine the process?

On the main page of this website you will find the exact process for the conception of a Movie Of Life, structured in 5 simple steps.

► What happens with all the material provided?

It is compiled after all the media has been received and carefully assembled into an emotional short film about the person using a storyboard. After completion of the life film, all data provided is immediately deleted. What remains is the final version of the Movie Of Life.

►  Will my data be treated confidentially or what about data protection?

Of course your data will be treated confidentially. We rely on our partner DRACOON for the data exchange, which is DSGVO-compliant as well as end-to-end encrypted. All your data will be treated confidentially and are securely protected at all times.

► The film is too private for me. I am not sure if I want to publish the film at all?

The Movie Of Life is indeed a confidential and private matter. We fully understand that. During the production of the first life film in 2018, the wish of all relatives was also to make it available exclusively on secure servers for private sharing - no one else got a glimpse of the work. Of course, you can still publish the film after approval. All corresponding rights are yours. 

► The date of the funeral is getting closer. Is it possible that the movie is finished before that?
It is possible in exceptional cases that we finalize a first version within 7 days from the receipt of the video material. In this way, the preliminarily produced film can be used in time. However, the final version of a Movie Of Life requires more time, patience and creativity. For this, the following 3 requirements must be met: 1) All material is available in sufficient quality. 2) The material is structured chronologically and all key data about the person is available. 3) We had the initial interview in which the most important stages of the life of the person to be portrayed were discussed as well as special wishes were articulated.