"Our drive: to memorialize people forever."
- Birk Ruhsam, BA | Founder and Producer 

Since Birk made the first Movie Of Life for his grandfather, he hasn't let go of the idea of making the concept accessible to others. The concept of the Movie Of Life lets a real human life pass in review in only a few minutes. This task involves a great deal of sensitivity, discretion and responsibility: Because its clients experience a journey right into the life of the loved one. To make this transformative experience possible, he combines creativity, dramaturgical and psychological know-how and a large portion of passion to create Movies Of Life with eternal permanence.

"Together we create an incredibly precious piece of memory."
- Rebecca Rapp | Producer of 'The Movie Of Life'

Rebecca's talent for emotion and dramaturgy emerged at an early age. She gained a foothold in the media and entertainment industry at a young age and can now look back on a successful career as a producer, vocal coach and as a singer and songwriter. Thanks to her know-how in the field of film and music production our Movies Of Life the emotional touch they deserve.

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